Unhappy Client? Save Your Reputation


Have you done some work for a client and felt they were pleased only to discover that they have been complaining about you to others? There are ways to turn this around and salvage your reputation.


Unfortunately this is a situation where the majority of times you will not hear from the client his or herself. This is one reason that it’s so important to have client files with contact information.

Run don’t walk to the phone and call the customer or client immediately. Too many times companies make an unhappy client an offer that works out well for their business but not the client’s. Instead of doing this ask the client outright what you can do to rectify the situation and make the client happy. Listen to them – give them your full attention. Then do what they need as long as it is feasible and fair to your business as well. As soon as you get off the phone follow up with a hand written card apologizing.

A week after the situation has been rectified do call the client to see if they are now satisfied. If not find out what wasn’t to their satisfaction and follow through.

Vicki’s suggestion is correct, however you need to ensure that after all that has been done the client doesn’t continue to complain or slander you. You have to diplomatically mention that you are aware of what they have been doing. After all they are not completely blameless as they didn’t come to you with their displeasure. This along with the actions mentioned above should bring the situation to an end.

Also, if you are aware of who they have been complaining to don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. Be honest and open “I understand that you have heard some negative things; I wanted to let you know that we have made every attempt to resolve that situation and we hope that you will continue to do business with us…………” Be very professional here and do not specifically mention or refer to the client in any way.