Vacation Plans: Hers vs His


My boy friend and I are trying to plan our first summer vacation together. He wants to go whitewater rafting. Not only does the thought of that really scare me but I don’t consider that a vacation; I’m a lay on the beach and do nothing sort of girl. Should I just go along with him or tell him how I really feel?


Stop, cease and desist! If it’s your first summer vacation together then you’re in a fairly new relationship. I can’t think of a worse way to start then to hide your truth. How is your boyfriend supposed to get to know the real you?

If you start putting aside your desires to please a man in the beginning of a relationship what will you be giving up of what you want in three years time? Remember something really important – relationships are not about giving yourself they’re about sharing yourself. You can give the person you love everything and still have shared nothing with him; that’s because in sharing you give part of yourself which includes your likes and dislikes.

Look at your boyfriend as a soul partner; all souls are on equal ground with no one being more important than the other.


I would tell him how you feel and then suggest a trip that is a compromise.

1. Vacation in a place where you both get something. You relax on the beach or by a pool, while your boyfriend is out doing water sports or other physical activities that may appeal to him.
2. Plan a vacation doing something completely different for both of you such as a horse back riding or bike riding vacation, tour a wine area or travel through a country, state or province that appeals to you both.

If you just ‘go along with him’ you will both end up having a miserable time.


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